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What is a queer cartoonist?
A queer cartoonist is a Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and/or otherwise Queer creator of comics, including artists, writers, letterers, colorists, editors, etc.

Why a Queer Cartoonists Database?
I created this database so that queer cartoonists can find each other. It's also great for finding queer comics to read and teach, and finding queer cartoonists to befriend, promote, hire, and learn from.

Why are so many fields N/A?
The N/A fields have either not yet been researched or submitted. If you have information I can fill in the blanks with, please submit the info via this online form.

You've got my name/ethnicity/gender/etc. wrong!
I'm so sorry, mistakes sometimes happen! Please don't be offended, but please do fill out this form so I can make corrections.

How can I submit additional info to this database?

To submit your information as a creator, or to add information to an already existing entry, please fill out this form. The database gets updated about once a week.

To respect everyone's privacy, we request that creators submit their own information. We do not accept submissions by creators' friends, family, fans, etc., as this is an opt-in situation.

How can I correct erroneous items in the database?
If you find misspellings or other erroneous information, please fill out this form. If there is a creator listed who shouldn't be in this database, please let me know by email.

Who are you and what are you getting out of this?
My name is MariNaomi and I'm a bisexual comics creator. I started a list of people-of-color cartoonists, which turned into a database I decided to make available to everyone. During this process, I realized I wanted to make a list of queer creators as well.

What can I do to help?
To add information or make corrections to an existing entry, please fill out this form. For other questions or suggestions, feel free to send me an email.
If you find the database useful or inspiring, please consider making a donation to help out with the costs of hosting and updating this site.


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