A queer cartoonist is a queer (i.e., lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, asexual--anyone who identifies as someone who belongs in the queer rainbow) creator of comics, including artists, writers, letterers, colorists, editors, translators and more.
We created this database so that queer cartoonists can find each other. It's also great for finding comics to read and teach, and finding cartoonists to follow/befriend, promote, hire, and learn from.
The N/A fields are there because we don't have that information yet. If you are the creator and you wish to fill in the blanks, please submit your info via this online form.
If you're the creator whose information is incorrect, please use our online form to make any necessary changes. If you are not the creator, feel free to encourage them to correct the information themselves.
If you're a queer comics creator and you want to be added to the database, or if you want to add or change information to your existing entry, please fill out this form. As long as you indicate on this form that you are a person of color as well, you do not need to create an additional submission on the Cartoonists of Color site.
It is the current policy of the Queer Cartoonists database that we only accept information from the creators directly. This ensures that no information is added that a creator might not be comfortable with.
After you submit your info, the database admin (MariNaomi) has to review, edit, approve, and enter the submission. She adds new info in batches, usually on a weekly basis, but less frequently if she's touring or on a tight deadline. So please be patient! This is a very small operation.
We ask for an address to verify that you are the creator, and in case we have any questions or concerns about your submission. Your email address is only visible to the administrator.
We're pleased to introduce a new feature that allows folks to contact you through the site. The idea is that editors, publishers, fans, etc., have an easy way to contact you, rather than having to search for a way to contact you elsewhere. If that makes you uncomfortable (and we understand why it would), you are welcome to opt out. If you opt out, then your contact info would only be used if we have questions about your submission. But even if you opt in, your email address is only visible to the administrator and will never be shared with outside parties.
To ensure our creators are easy to find, only certain terms are allowed into the searchable areas. You're welcome to suggest other terms, which we will consider based on the volume of the suggestions and whether the terms are redundant to other preexisting terms. For example, the working title "Illustrator" is redundant in our database to "Artist," so we chose to keep the term Artist and remove Illustrator.
If your image isn't showing, please check your link to make sure it ends with .jpg, .gif, .png, or similar. Unfortunately, images from Facebook and Instagram, for example, aren't compatible with this requirement. Certain image hosting services may not allow third-party linking as well. Once you've got a proper link, submit your update using this form.
Tips for being a featured creator in the database:
  • Link to an image in your profile.
  • Have a personal website. Say something interesting about yourself and your work in the About section.
  • Your work titles should reflect your bibliography. Don't say you're a ___ unless you've got it on your resume.
  • Your genres should reflect your bibliography. Don't list genres you plan to get to someday.
  • Update your entry often.
  • Don't be a jerk.
  • If we haven't featured you yet, that doesn't mean we won't someday. We're keeping an eye on you. Keep making good work.
My name is MariNaomi and I am a cartoonist. This database, plus the Cartoonists of Color Database, is a labor of love I started in 2014. You can read about the origins of this project in an interview I did with Vice. I have also been greatly helped by my husband Gary, who helped build and maintain the original site, and graphic designer/programmer extraordinaire, Cameron Decker, who turned the databases into something more functional out of the goodness of his heart.
Spread the word! If you know of a comics creator that should be listed in this database but isn't, please encourage them to add themselves by filling out this form. If you have a job or a panel you need filled, consider turning to the database for talent. And if you have a bit to spare, please support our Patreon.
We can be reached via email, but please understand that we are busy volunteers with full-time jobs, and must prioritize our paying work--so please be patient with our response time. Note that we will only respond to questions that have not been answered on the site, and that emails we deem rude will be deleted without response. No solicitors, please.